Legislative Advocacy & Lobbying for the Collision Repair Industry

With the start of a new legislative session on January 28, 2020, issues will continue to be tracked that impact Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois members. The below 2019 End of Session report and Policy page links address several areas where policies, legislation, and regulations have been tracked and responded to on behalf of the association, with expectations for another active year covering many of these same topics.

With the end of the 100th General Assembly on January 9, 2019, there was a significant turnover in legislators and filing of legislation, which continued into the 2020 legislative session; however, the issues important to the collision repair industry and advocacy efforts have remained the same.

Issues regularly tracked for the association in order to provide members a platform to have a voice in Springfield include:

  • Repair Standards (e.g. OEM vs. Non-OEM)
  • Repair Shop Notices/Disclosures
  • Repair Shop Choice
  • Insurance & Lienholder Payment for Repairs
  • Stolen Automotive Parts & Vehicles
  • Repair Part Electronic Reporting
  • Towing & Storage Liens
  • Vehicle Certificates of Title
  • Vehicle Auctions and Dealer Sales
  • Cybersecurity

Click here for AASPI legislative advocacy material and an overview of efforts from 2018, and click here for a summary of results in 2019.

Collision Repair Industry Policies & Research

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