Data Privacy Policies

Collecting Biometric Information of Employees

"For now, and before employers find themselves on the defending end, employers that use hand-scanning or fingerprint technologies for security, timekeeping, or other purposes, or collect other biometric information from their employees, should consider implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Some measures that employers can take to prevent future litigation include:"

  • "Creating a written policy on the retention of any biometric information..."

  • "Developing procedures for providing employees notice..."

  • "Restricting the disclosure of biometric information..."

  • "Developing security measures or revising existing security policies..."

"Biometric privacy litigation has exploded in the last several years, with the current hot spot focus in Illinois. Class actions under the Illinois Biometric Information and Privacy Act (“BIPA”) have flooded the Illinois state and federal courts since a January 2019 Illinois Supreme Court decision. "

Article by National Law Review
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