Priority Legislative & Administrative Actions Tracked by ILTA


Rep. Kambium Buckner


Creates the Cannabis Banking and Credit Union Act. Establishes a procedure to license financial institutions to provide banking services to cannabis businesses.


Rep. Kambium Buckner


Amends the Common Interest Community Association Act. Provides that any covenant, restriction, or condition contained in any deed, contract, security instrument, or other instrument affecting the transfer or sale of any interest in a common interest community, and any provision of a community instrument that either effectively prohibits or unreasonably restricts the installation or use of an electric vehicle charging station within an owner's unit or in a designated parking space or an electric vehicle dedicated time-of-use (TOU) meter, is void and unenforceable.


Rep. John Connor


Requires the State Board of Elections, in consultation with the Department of Innovation and Technology, to study and evaluate the use of blockchain technology to protect voter records and election results with the assistance of specified experts. Requires the Board to submit a report on the use of blockchain technology to the Governor and General Assembly. Repeals the provisions on January 1, 2023.


Rep. Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.


Authorizes the Department of Innovation and Technology to accept grants and donations. Creates the Technology, Education, and Cybersecurity Fund as a special fund in the State treasury to be used by the Department of Innovation and Technology to promote and effectuate information technology activities. Requires a local government official or employee to be chosen to act as the primary point of contact for local cybersecurity issues. Amends the Illinois Information Security Improvement Act. Requires the Secretary of Innovation and Technology to establish a cybersecurity liaison program to advise and assist units of local government and school districts concerning specified cybersecurity issues. Provides for cybersecurity training for employees of counties, municipalities, and school districts. Amends the Illinois Procurement Code. Provides that State agencies are prohibited from purchasing any products that, due to cybersecurity risks, are prohibited for purchase by federal agencies pursuant to a United States Department of Homeland Security Binding Operational Directive. Amends the State Finance Act to provide for the Technology, Education, and Cybersecurity Fund.

Comment: see also companion House Bill 4444 (Rep. Jaime M. Andrade, Jr.)


Sen. Don Harmon


Creates the Data Privacy Act. Provides for the regulation of the use and sale of data. Defines terms. Establishes consumer rights to copies of information held by persons who control and process data. Provides for the correction of inaccurate data. Provides for restrictions on the use of personal data.


Sen. Tom Cullerton


Creates the Data Transparency and Privacy Act. Provides that any business that processes personal information or deidentified information must, prior to processing, provide notice to the consumer to whom the information refers or belongs of specific information in the service agreement or somewhere readily accessible on the business' website or mobile application.

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