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2024 Election Snapshot

The start of petition collection season in Illinois started on September 5, 2023 for the 2024 elections, with arguably more than expected national attention on Illinois in the summer of 2023...

By Rick Pearson for Chicago TribuneSeptember 04, 2023
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Illinois Election Map Insights

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Illinois Media Markets in Elections FAQs

What are the Illinois media markets?

There are ten main media markets in Illinois, with some market boundaries that are not entirely within the state:



Quad Cities




Terre Haute

St. Louis



How are Illinois media markets targeted in state and federal elections?

Illinois media markets are targeted in elections through strategic advertising placements. Political campaigns identify key regions, demographics, and political affiliations within the state and utilize various media platforms, such as television, radio, and digital advertising, to reach and engage voters in those specific markets.

How do campaigns decide media markets to prioritize in elections?

Campaigns use data-driven approaches to decide which media markets to prioritize in Illinois elections. They rely on polling data, voter demographics, historical election results, and voter turnout patterns to identify the regions where their message is likely to resonate the most. Additionally, campaigns consider the availability and cost of media advertising in different markets to optimize their resources effectively.

What impact does targeting media markets have on election outcomes?

Targeting Illinois media markets can have a significant impact on election outcomes. By focusing their advertising efforts on specific regions, campaigns can reach and persuade voters directly, increasing their chances of success. Effective targeting allows campaigns to tailor their messages to address the concerns and interests of local communities, thereby influencing voter opinions and mobilizing support in key media markets throughout the state.