Illinois Capitol Complex

Visiting the State Capitol?

Why should I visit the state capitol to advocate?

Visiting the state capitol allows you to directly engage with lawmakers and make your voice heard. It's an effective way to influence legislative decisions that can impact your industry or profession. By advocating in person, you can build relationships, share your expertise, and demonstrate the importance of your cause.

How can I effectively prepare for a visit to the state capitol?

To prepare for your visit, start by researching the legislation you wish to support or oppose. Understand its key points, potential impacts, and the legislators involved. Craft clear and concise talking points to communicate your position effectively. Additionally, coordinate with your trade association or related interest group to align your efforts with other members, gather resources, and receive guidance on effective advocacy strategies.

What are some tips for meeting with state legislators?

How can I maximize the impact of my capitol advocacy?

Visiting the state capitol is just one aspect of effective advocacy. To maximize your impact: