IAFP Lobbying

Healthcare Equity Advocacy

The focus of healthcare equity legislative working group work following the 2020 regular legislative session was led by Sen. Mattie Hunter and Rep. Camille Lilly as one of four pillars of the legislative black caucus agenda in preparation for the 2021 legislative session.

Ongoing healthcare studies and rulemaking have also been the focus of IAFP in 2020-21.

Funding of public health and related services is also an important area of advocacy, which is dependent on annual state agency budgeting. On February 17th, the Governor outlined a budget for fiscal year 2022 with some new revenue streams and new use of current revenue streams, which will all be subject to negotiations through the legislative appropriation committees. Click here for more details on current proposed appropriations for primary and rural health.

COVID-19 Advocacy

Scope of Legislative Advocacy

Government relations advocacy at the Illinois state capitol building for the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians requires vigilant tracking of legislation and regulatory activity on a variety of policy areas, including but not limited to:

  • Scope of Practice

  • Telehealth Services

  • Medicare & Medicaid

  • Preventive Care & Medical Screenings

  • Controlled Substances & Opioids

  • Immunizations & Vaccines

  • Workforce Development

  • Public Health

  • Rural Health

  • Tobacco

With the start of a new legislative session on January 28th, issues have continued to be tracked that impact Illinois Academy of Family Physician members, and will be regularly updated below for members to follow along during the legislative session, which ends on May 31st.