Legislator Advocacy

Visiting with your legislator does not have to be stressful and may very well start a fruitful relationship for your community and career.

The below information ranges from general tips to specific details on various industry related topics that are important to the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians and its members.

Top Tips When Meeting Your Legislator

  • As a constituent, your legislator will likely welcome knowing how you came to the community, where you work, and any special focus areas of family medicine that interest you;

  • Be respectful of a legislator's opinion, but remember that you are the expert on your field of practice so do not be afraid to share your education and experience; and

  • Reach out to the Academy before visiting with your legislator, whether it is just to ease anxiety or brush up on the top issues.

Choose Topics to Discuss with Your Legislator

Advocacy at the Illinois state capitol for the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians requires vigilant tracking of legislation and regulatory activity on a variety of policy areas; below are some but not all of those topics.

Whether it is of particular professional interest or you are helping the Academy advocate on a priority issue, click on any topic below to learn more about how the topic may be discussed with your legislator or just to learn more on the association's advocacy:

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